Practice Areas

Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

We can assist with estate planning, probate, probate litigation, elder law, wills, conservatorships, living trusts, estate law, asset protection trusts, veterans benefits, elder care, Medicaid benefits, will contests, aid and attendance, power of attorney, minor guardianships, and more.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled. We work to balance the interests of a company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, senior management executives, customers, suppliers, financiers, the government, and the community. It is imperative that these things are structured properly to ensure the success and safety of any corporation.

Nonprofit Consulting

There are many laws that govern non-profits. Allow us to assist in matters such as such as formation, compliance, private benefit or inurement, conflicts of interest, sanctions, penalties, loss of tax-exempt status, tax management, outsourcing, joint ventures, financing, real estate transactions, employment and labor issues, litigation and general commercial transactions.

Community Development

Real estate, development, and construction projects can have a large impact on the economy and communities but it’s imperative to have the right firm behind them to maneuver the legal complexities of things such as financing and tax credits, document analysis and drafting, litigation, and more. Our office has assisted in the development of dozens of properties ranging from apartment complexes to commercial buildings. Real Estate

Title & Escrows

We provide simple, secure, and solutions-focused title services to ensure that your closing goes smoothly. Whether you are a purchasing your first residential property or an investor closing on a multi-million dollar real estate deal, we will use our expertise to get it done.

Project Finance

Project agreements are technical documents and a project finance attorney is often needed to take the information and coordinate input from the various technical, financial, insurance, and market consultants to assist in the due diligence and documentation process.

Land Use & Zoning

Land use and zoning attorneys deal with the laws revolving around the development and conservation of land. This includes but is not limited to real estate development laws, zoning laws, and environmental laws which often calls for collaboration with planning commissions, municipalities, and city councils. We have the relationships and the experience needed to do so.

Business Law

We go by many names corporate lawyer, in-house counsel, staff attorney, deputy general counsel, general counsel, and chief legal officer. Yet, our primary function is to utilize the body of law which governs business and commerce to serve the interests of the company/corporation to maintain order, resolve disputes, establish generally accepted standards, and to protect rights and liberties when it comes to business and its relation to other businesses, government authorities, and the customers.

Commercial Transactions

A commercial transaction is an interaction between parties in which the parties exchange goods or services for payments but also provide repercussions and solutions if one party breaches or cannot fulfill any of its obligations. Make sure you have the right person looking out for your best interest if things should go awry.

Government Relations

Government relations attorneys represent clients on a broad range of subjects before the legislative bodies, executive and regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, and citizens to convey their clients’ government affairs goals.


The difference between negotiation and mediation is that negotiation involves only the parties involved, and mediation involves the intervention and assistance of a third party (the mediator) as a facilitator in the parties’ effort to resolve their dispute. Either way, we can help.